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I bought the game on Patreon but the game says they couldn't find my email help

Is there going to be futa or gay stuff with any future characters?


no no non no no no no no 

Just making sure i understand. Once I sub on patreon (is it a one time payment or monthly to keep it) i give my email here for the unlock goodies?

One time payment


How do you make a character switch a pose permanently? When I switch a character to a different animation, they will switch back to the default after a scene change

is this still getting updates or is it cancelled?

Adding in animations takes time. We are adding skyblue 

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I know it's been a while since this happened but how come gf was removed?

I cannot pay for the patrion due to a card issue can i pay any other way?

Game keeps crashing on android

I think someone accidentally removed minus gf from the game

Is this an error or is she just not a part of the game anymore ?

We removed minus gf because there wasnt that many animations


hehehe, this will be serviceable until butthead and i score. hehehe. but until then were gonna go to burger world so we can get the money to go to the super thug shaker rock concert, but after that im gonna buy the full version.

Do I only have to pay once to get the full game? or do I have to keep resubbing to keep my access

once is good


can you make a compressed version for download might make it easier to keep track of everything

Is there a way get the acutal game without paying to patreon or is there no way.

It's seven dollars? Try skipping lunch one day to save up for it

 hey hey!,'s me again, You can guess why- but yeah, the version, i think you will have to do other 32 bits version- sorry for asking again

but i think making the two version's together actually don't work, bc the 64-Bits kinda just push the 32-bits away to working, so don't mind..updating the 32 bits version aswell..? sorry if i reallly asking a lot

and also, making two version of the game with 32-bits and 64-bits would work kinda well, of course, i don't seeing any one having the issue, but i won't mind if you don't do it, have a nice day/night, and merry christmas! aswell as a new early happy new year from me!

I'll have one up this weekend thank you. I didn't know you would actually still play the game so now I'm definitely going to make a 32-bit one

Don't worry, it's fine, but yeah, i kinda was curious about this Game, Try it, and i Actually like it, so expect me being around when i can about this 

Aswell, thx by making it! Hope i'm not annoying a lot With..asking for This-

And sorry if i can't support by Patreon, How i'm living in Latin america, it's impossibe for me, but With the demo it's already enough 

Can't get the full game even tho I subbed to patreon


I updated my SSL certificate. it works now.

I cant get the full game by using my email anymore, even though i subbed to the patreon once

I updated my SSL certificate it works now.



The android version is not working for me

Any release dates for putting the game on steam?

2023 some time not really sure when probably second half of the year

Another question to ask is How much money will the game be when you put it on steam?


Will all characters be voiced?

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Currently Voiced Characters
Momo and Gogo

All the existing ones will not have voices

when will it release on newgrounds?

Along with sarvente. We are getting sarvente voiced right now

this is genuinely so good not even rule34 or the hub get me going for some reason

the demo by itself is good as all hell - keep up the good work (you've already gotten into the news so keep it up fr fr) 

good sh!t


Heeey, it's me again, thx by making the 32 bits version btw, i Try it and worked This time! 

I didn't expected You Will Actually do a version of 32 bits tho, so thx by doing it

Good luck With Skyblue and also The launch for Newgrounds if it's happen, wish You luck for Anything 

Welcome 🤗

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how do I pledge/subscribe and or where? 

Link is in game


This game is fantastic but i dont have full please can i get?


wish i could aford this :(

i noticed the code you gave me isn't working anymore


DM my Twitter

Best fnf porn game i just dont like how nikusa dosnt have a cum animation.

Sooo,  game can run in laptop of  32-bits right? (with the UnityCrashhandle32 being there tho) but  it's say it's not possible to run it Because of 'you system can run a 64-bits program' kinda of a question tho, but still my laptop it's very old so probably won't run it even if it able to open, but, you could fix that if you can?

Can the game run on 32bit OS? I have never tested it. If no. Then I can make a 32bit build


WELL, i first try it on My phone (didn't want to Even load the first level-), The OS i..Really don't Know how to use it sorry- buut making a different build With the 32bits could work too if You don't mind making one, i don't wanna put pressure on You for such a silly thing like bits varation

And also sorry if My English suck and good luck With the future of This little game

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To nsfwclubgames

Momo And Gogo are like those 2 couples in the DEFINITION of what a Ménage à trois is like when it comes to them getting it down on bed tonight

And I'm not complaining 

That shit is hard to keep up with if you know what you're doing.

P.S also some of it needs a bit of sync and matching with the dialogue 


Thank you, this really made my day to read

Any news on the November update?

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Its released!

Idea instead of making it so u have to pay to play the rest of the game and instead so u can have more options and premium characters and can talk about ideas and so on . Some people can't spend money on nice things online we drained it all on phones and wifi 🤣

when will we have a iOS version I want to play so bad

Sorry there won't be an iOS 


iOS is impossible with how its built only way would be jailbreaking or swapping OS

just install troll store, IPA's are a thing

with how IOS is anything outside the app store won't install thanks to its coding

Any plans to put this game on steam?

yes after a few more characters 

Deleted 140 days ago
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subscribe to me. Donations on itch are donations.

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i knew I was forgetting something thanks to life problems. My code stopped working and I just found out now.

DM me on twitter


It's set up

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Was the update going to be today? Also when you do get funded will you update the previous characters at some point?

We will add some animations to shaya.

GF and Minus Gf are on hold for any future changes.

hmm sounds good 

tbh its a little unfair to lock out practically the whole game behind a pay wall epically if someone cant afford it


I agree with you partially. Unfortunately after putting in more than 10,000$ of my own money into building this game, I need funding to recover/build more content for the game, not everyone has to give me money

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