After clicking start game there is a 20 second loading!

After clicking start game there is a 20 second black screen pause!

After clicking start game there is a 20 second black screen pause!


Your coffee shop is empty every day. No one is coming in, and you’ve tried everything. You are nearly bankrupt. And it’s not the location! The opposing café right next to you is filled with customers 24/7. They are surging in cash. 

You are so frustrated. How can they make so much money? 😠 

So, you go to speak with the owner of the nearby café. A sexy alpha chic. You are rude and ask her to move her café out! Lucky you, she’s nice. She understood your frustration and agreed to teach you the same method that gave her café success. With sexy maids and smart café management.

But it’s not that simple. You need to manage and train these beginner maids. You also need to take care of the serving style, café decoration, inventory, and more! This may be the breaking point for your café… and life.  

Start by hiring maids and learning their abilities. At all times you’ll have Jen, your assistant manager by your side. Manage your staff with simple clicks and at the right time. Expand your business by making smart decisions, sending the right staff, and even get into the coffee production business to earn extra cash. 


All maids need training, and you are their lucky trainer. Call in any of the maids in your office as the boss. Train them to improve their Sluttiness (public tasks) and Bond so they can earn you more money. Teach them new skills such as flirting with customers or flashing their blazing tits so they can bring more cash.  

⚠️Warning: All your maids are 🔥 

Oftentimes, they will not know how to do certain sexy things. So, they’ll need to learn how to become naughty from you, their Boss. [Hint: they worship you! So, you can turn them into personal naughty servants if you desire so.] 


 -Combines the fun of a real-time strategy game with a visual novel story. 

 - Manage maids, managers, bartenders, and chefs. 

 - Train your maids how to flirt, seduct, and behave to earn you more revenue. 

 - Experience a unique sexy time with each maid in your Office while you “train” them.

StatusIn development
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)

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my data got deleted

download section?

strip for me isn't working

i dont see download section

Everytime I get to the Hire another Maid screen it tells me this is still in development, meaning I can't progress. Is this intentional?

Also I start with 3 Maids, maybe that is the Issue.

I got the passcode from the Patreon so it shouldn't be that. Unless there are multiple codes.

Money doesn't get deleted when clearing save file.

Jen gets stuck/goes invisible when helping a Maid during a task switch, meaning: maid rests>jen goes over>maid stops resting during> Jen disapears. Same for Coffe during time switch. Jens heart is still clickable after tho but its stuck at the location. Fixes the next day so not to bad.

Chosen Cafe name defaults during stat screens

All in all a fun little game. Wish it would funktion correctly. Exited to see what might be added in the future.


pls add download game perk



When I order Rell to strip herself, the game crashes, why?


When are you gonna make this on mobile? (More specifically on Android)


Seriously bruh can you please make a downloadable version please? it just DOESNT work on my PC no matter what and it looks really good so i want to play it but i cant :(


Love the game and is great to play. In my runs I ran into a few issues.

Issue 1 The maids can be bought on any day ( not sure if intentional or not since it claims to be every 7 days in game)

Issue 2 After buying maid not on the 7th day the objective to buy a maid does not check off preventing upgrade to club ( I don't know if buy Saddie first contributed to the bug as well)

Issue 3 starting new game from clearing save carries over money (not a bad bug as restarts might be needed for future versions)

Issue 4 choosing the wrong choice on Fen's dialog and receiving a bad end says she leaves but is still in cafe next day

Issue 5 The cafe's name reverts back to default name during play.

Issue 6 The already posted sandbox glitching out if attempting to play that mode

All in all still a fun game to play.

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I greatly appreciate the level of detail and the amount of testing and the write up you made. I will fix these issues. Once again thank you so so so much

FIXED issues in current build below
Issue 1: removed the 7th day text at the end of day message

Issue 2: I realized that goals were never checking if you met the requirements, now club levels should go up. I try to make it so that if it skipped a goal, you wont have to reset your game to get levels 1,2,3,4

Issue 3: i delete items and gold now, i found that there was a cache issue. Maid stats and unlocked maids are still not being cleared.


Issue 4: what dialogue title is it?
Issue 5: where do you see the default name

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Issue 4: It would be let the Let customer fondle. But I think it just favor test after testing since bad end just waste your choice for the day and you are allowed to fix your choice the next day

Issue 5: I thought it was in the upgrade depot but I can't duplicate it so it may have been an error on my part Edit: Found it, It is the maid upgrade screen after money screen.

Great work on the fixes can confirm choosing Ashley on any day works well, I got to test if you chose Suzie first if it will cause issue. Thank you for quickly fixing the problems.

My animator will add in Suzie's animations the dog so she will be a playable character. He will start on September 1st to animate.

Issue 2: Only Ashley counts as a maid because suzie doesnt have a sprite character yet.

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I am also going to make the cafe game timer from 2min,45sec to just 100 seconds so that the story progression is faster.

I've noticed that sandbox mode seems to be broken and causes crashes while also having animation glitches


thanks for reporting this


hello your game looks interesting and I have been attempting to play it but the in browser version isn't working for me. The unity loading bar pops up but it never progresses and I have have tried clicking on it after a minute to see if it will do anything but it never does. Would you consider adding a downloadable version to the page so that those with loading problems could try the game? Thanks.


Why the game doesnt work?

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The game does work, it has a 10-25 second pause after clicking start game


oh, ill try


i waited for a few minutes, the game is just stuck on unity loading screen and doesnt even think about starting the loading


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